“Intentional teaching is deliberate, purposeful and thoughtful. Educators who engage in intentional teaching recognize that learning occurs in social contexts. They actively promote children’s learning through worthwhile and challenging interactions which foster high-level thinking skills” - EYLF

Our teaching and support team is our greatest asset, we have measured our success over the low staff turnover. Staff have developed positive relations with families, ensuring confidentiality, honesty and a genuine concern for the children’s well-being.

We value the team’s dedication to the early childhood industry. Staff participate in ongoing professional development and workshops which keep them in the forefront of the industry. The staff work productively as a team, using regular staff meetings and parent consultations to address issues, evaluate procedures and plan programs.

Staff bring to our centre their special skills and talents, each with the own unique style of interacting with the children.

Several of the staff are bi-lingual and are able to speak two languages.


Our Staff are Fully Qualified at the Following Levels:

  • Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood)
    – Director & primary contact staff
  • Diploma in Children’s Services
    – Primary contact staff
  • Certificate III in Children’s services
    – Primary contact staff
  • Food Safety and Menu Planning Certificates
    – Support staff